Midterms Week

My last high school midterms are tomorrow, thursday, and friday! This should be fun. I think the only non core academic final I am scared about is AP Studio Art. I came up with a great concentration that I liked and my classmates like, but it just might time-consuming. Because if I’m going to work with this concentration idea, then I’m going to have to put in a lot of details. And we all know adding details to any art piece takes a long time. I’m also taking a Speech/Forensics class and our final is giving a 3 minute speech on what we learned and enjoyed in this class. Speech has been a very fun class and it made me wish that it was a year-long course. We all kind of grew as a family full of brothers and sisters and cousins. Yep, that was my description of my class. I honestly had so much fun in that class and I don’t think I could put everything I want to say in 3 minutes. I should get to studying now. Good Luck to everyone else!


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Today is thursday

Hi everyone, I’m in Human Anatomy class now. Its like a free day. We’re testing our eyes with optical illusions and I don’t understand some of them. Like this one, what am I supposed to be looking for other than a woman’s head?

If you guys see something that I can’t, tell me please. Next period, I have AP studio art. I make a lot of abstract pieces. Some of my famous pieces that everyone in the class knows are “Snow on a Winter’s Day” and “Missing Snow.” For the latter, it doesn’t mean that snow is lost, but it means I am missing the winter season because I live in the south. We have snow like every four years, so I am missing that winter feeling. Its just ongoing fall. Some days are cold and sunny, other days are hot and rainy. I hate hot and rainy days. Those days feel so mucky. Ugh. I thought I had a picture of my first piece, but I can’t find it. Its simple, yet sophisticated. I told everyone when they visit the High Museum or MoMA in the future, they will see my artwork there. I’ll probably sell this for $5000 each.

Ok, update: my teacher just told me that if you look long enough, she’ll open her eyes. It didn’t really work… This one works much better for the eyes.

I just showed it to my group and they all freaked out. Haha 😀

What’s your favorite song from Midnight Memories? I love the song Half A Heart. I have that one part stuck in my head. “I’m half a man at best with half an arrow in my chest. I’m walking around with just one shoe. I’m half a heart without you.” Its so amazing! Why did they release the album before final exam week? I’m pretty sure a lot of people are going to be memorizing the lyrics to all the songs instead of history or something. I don’t have a history class. Senior year, we have to take Economics but I’m taking that next semester. Gotta go! Bye!

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Midnight Memories

As we all know, this past week, One Direction’s new album Midnight Memories was released. Well, I went to Target on Friday and got the Ultimate edition of the album. It was my first physical copy of a One Direction CD. I usually buy CDs on iTunes. Well, has anyone else been listening to it everyday since you got it? I have 😀 What does everyone think about it? I think that this is a new sound for them. Best Song Ever sounded more like their style and all the other songs on the albums remind me of the 80s or 90s feel. I do love their music, but I especially like this album. I do not really listen to the songs that you would party to, but songs where I can still feel liveliness while I relax. Does anyone feel like that? Tell me what you think of their new album!


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Summer is almost here! I haven’t been on for a long time… i don’t think anyone reads this anyway… oh well… XD

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Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I hope you and your families have a great time! Sit back and relax…But after you put out the milk and cookies! 😀 teehee Hopefully some of you guys enjoy a white christmas… I won’t though. I live in the south and there’s barely snow here. But I still have the Christmas spirit! And so do my favorite people!

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The whole country has been informed of the tragedy in a Connecticut elementary school. Yesterday (December 14, 2012), a gunman walked into the elementary school and killed 20 children and 6 adults.

Here is an article about the tragic event: http://news.yahoo.com/routine-morning-then-shots-unthinkable-terror-034139544.html

What really gets me is when they told a little boy that his sister was killed. He replied, “I’m not going to have anyone to play with.”

This brought me to tears. Every morning starts out with breakfast, walking to the bus stop, and waving goodbye. But who knew that for some parents that was going to be their last goodbyes to their children? Every moment should be cherished. Every child is thankful for their parents. Every parent is thankful for their children.

A little boy described how the gunman burst into the classroom and shot the teacher. He grabbed his friends and ran for the door. Those kids were lucky to have such a brave and great friend like him.

Think about what you have, don’t waste time thinking about the things you don’t have.

Pray for the victims of Newtown, Connecticut.

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Jelena no more…?

Ok, the whole world has heard of J. Bieber’s and S. Gomez’s break-up. Why did they break-up??? Ryan Higa knows the answer… Watch his video.

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$(document).ready(function() {fsRendering();});

Hi! I'm using this application called "FontSelf" and it is really cool! I'm trying it out right now for this blog!

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33.33333% of summer is gone…

It has been 1/3 of summer so far… It felt like it’s only been a week… I need more fun… All I did was study… Why did I choose to go to AP and Honors classes???

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dentist was… ok…

I went to the dentist yesterday and it wasn’t that bad… I’m good with the cleaning teeth part, but the x-ray is something I dread the most. The nurse who checked me in said they got rid of the large x-ray mouth piece and said I will be using the medium sized one. I was relieved about that for like 20%. I was done with the cleaning and another nurse told me it was my turn for the x-ray. I wasn’t happy to find out that the nurse who did my x-ray much more times before was doing my x-ray again… She is very mean. So, she was putting the piece into my mouth and I started to cough. (I have a really sensitive gag reflex). I coughed a few more times when she tried to put it into my mouth. And then she goes, “You gotta stop coughing in my face. It’s not nice.” So, then I’m thinking: Well, it’s also not nice to try and choke a person and giving them a pissed off tone even when you’re getting paid from the money I’m paying. She works at a children’s dentistry, so that means you’re supposed to be nice and caring. NO matter how old the patient is, you are still getting paid… For Pete’s Sake! Yeah, so, it wasn’t much fun… But I’m glad to switched the x-ray piece to a smaller size.

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